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    Association of oil and gas suppliers SOZVEZDYE together with the Arkhangelsk Regional Government and Northern (Arctic) Federal University would like to invite you to the international forum “Arctic Projects - Today and Tomorrow" held on 18-19th of October, 2018, in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

    Being an industrially developed region and a strong educational and training hub with convenient transport infrastructure, the Arkhangelsk region aims to continue its innovative development and international cooperation in the Arctic.

    The forum will host leading Russian and foreign companies in oil and gas development, transportation, engineering, shipbuilding as well as federal and regional authorities, research, educational institutions, and regional industrial and transport enterprises.

    The main goal of the Forum is to create a regional arena with international participation focused on discussion of challenges and perspectives of the arctic projects.

    Main questions and topics to be discussed during the forum:

    1. Perspectives, implementation, and technological aspects of projects on the Yamal Peninsula, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, and on the Barents, Kara, and Pechora seas shelf.
    2. Industrial, transport, scientific, and human capacities of the northern areas that could be used to implement projects in the Arctic.
    3. Use of the Northern Sea Route, establishment of transport infrastructure in the High North, and provision of safe hydrocarbons transportation.

    The forum “Arctic Projects – Today and Tomorrow” is a unique venue where your company shall meet potential business partners and customers, discuss opportunities for cooperation, and obtain up-to-date information about the implementation oil and gas projects in the Arctic.